A Love Letter for the Marching Puppy

A Love Letter for the Marching Puppy, also known as Koushin Koinu ni Koibumi wa (行進子犬に恋文を) or just simply Kokokoi, is an on-going series by Tamasaki Tama published in the yuri-centric monthly magazine Comics Yuri Hime, starting from the March issue of 2018. It got its first vol.1 tankobon release on the 18th June 2018.

It revolves around Shinobu Indou who starts to attend the Military Academy for Cadet Girls after her parents passed away. Due to her raglike look, Kagami Fujino, a senpai at the Academy, starts to pick on her during their first encounter, but soon after Shinobu got her appearance changed, Kagami’s treatment towards Shinobu change as well. Just what is Kagami thinking…?

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